Executive Community Engagement Team:

President & Vice President

Executives of GALF Maddie & Michael Lupo

Maddie Lupo; CEO / President:

Volunteer Board Officer



Michael Lupo; VP / Treasurer

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Maddie Lupo spends her days helping those in need... She says that the main thing everyone needs to remember is that those who are in bad situations are still people.  "People have forgotten their humanity," she also said. "Please, look people in the eye and let them know that they exist." Lupo says every day she works to prevent family breakups...  "I help those who are already hurt..." Maddie will also often talk to those in power and say, "Take it easy!" 

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Vice President Treasurer


Vice President / Treasurer: 

Volunteer Board Officer

Michael A Lupo



nonprofit advocacy and leadership Community engagement Woodbridge


Secretary, Kevin Raymond

Kevin Raymond

Volunteer Board Officer.

Volunteer Board Members at Large:

Ana Lemus

Ana Lemus

Volunteer member at large. nonprofit advocacy and leadership Woodbridge Community engagement

Tina Baldera

Member at large; Tina Baldera.

Volunteer member at large. nonprofit advocacy and leadership Woodbridge Community engagement

Juan Martinez

Member at large; Juan Martinez.

Volunteer Member at large. CCoM rep. nonprofit advocacy and leadership Woodbridge Community engagement

Volunteer Board Members continued

Angela Clark

Angela Clark

Volunteer member at large. nonprofit advocacy and leadership Community engagement Woodbridge

Joe Evans


Joe Evans

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army

Volunteer member at large; Veterans issues.

Dr. Deborah Matos-Lowe

Dr. Deborah Matos-Lowe

Volunteer member at large. advocacy and leadership Woodbridge Community engagement nonprofit


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These partners are giving a portion of all sales to GALF so that we will have  diversified funding sources. If direct support is not your thing then buying products from these partners will have the same effect for us. Do check all of them out and see how these various offerings will benefit both you and GALF. Then take advantage of the offers that they provide.