CEO Maddie Lupo

History: Where it all got started

Our roots:

While it all begins with Rev. Gerard Creedon... It has only just begun. The link below provides more on our roots. It is in service to the needy in our community that we show the light of Christ and in those we serve we see the face of Christ. 

Community engagement and service to those in need is what we do because showing love for our brethren is what Fr. Gerry  taught us and is what Jesus wants for us all.

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Humble beginings 2018:

  As a result of God closing windows and opening doors GALF was founded on June 7th, 2018 just a brief seven months after the passing of our beloved pastor, boss, brother & friend Fr. Gerry Creedon. This new begining that GALF comes out of stems from the challenges of Fr. Creedons last parish that was struggling to keep the church doors open and so decided to close the doors on its social ministry offices. 

  Because of our close relationship to Fr. Creedon; we knew that services to the community and the social justice cause so championed by him must go on. This means that a new social ministry that is not part of his last parish had to fill the void now left in the community. Not for any ill will was this act of love considered. The needs are so very many in all of Northern Virginia in general and in Prince William County specifically. There are too many opportunities to help our neighbors in need and Fr. Gerry's work is too important to come to such an abrupt end. 

  For these reasons combined with a now wide open schedule we took a leap of faith; answering what for us is a clearly resounding call to do the right thing for the community. So now we are here serving the community, carrying the Creedon legacy forward and teaching others how to do what he has done for us in his short time here in Prince William County.

Where are we going?

Our future is a clear path forward as laid out by our mentor & guide Rev. Gerry Creedon. He had a passion for service and love for the less fortunate that included confronting elected and government officials on public policy to make improvements and have the voice of the voiceless heard in innovative ways to benefit the common good.

Community engagement and service to those in need is what we do because showing love for our brethren is living the Gospel message.

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